Love is an amazing feeling which makes our lives much comfortable. In order, to maintain your love life, you need to show your love to your partner. So it is important to say the most wonderful three words “I love you” to make your partner feel that you always think about them. Other than that, there are various creative ways to show your love other than words. You need to know that actions work better than words. In some instances, those three words don’t mean anything when your actions don’t back them. So let’s find out a few ways you can show your love,

Random acts of kindness

Showing kindness is a great way to show your love. Simple acts like writing a note before you head to work, buying your partner’s favourite dessert on the way home would be a sweet way to show your feelings. So acting kind would surely make your relationship strong.


Kiss is a great way to show your love. A kiss on the forehead is a way to show that you care and love them. A kiss on the cheek is an act to show your friendship. The most passionate kiss to show your love is a lip kiss. So this is a way to show your love without using any words.

Simple touch

A simple touch is a lovely way to express your love. You can hold the hand of your better half when you are out in the public. Grabbing and holding the hand can make them feel special at public. While cuddling with your spouse watching a movie, you can hold onto them and your relationship.

Keep on your mind

It is important to remember the dates and details that are valuable to your relationship. Now, it not just remembering only your anniversaries or birthdays. There are other important days like their meetings, so you simply send them texting asking how it goes or reminds them about their meetings.