On the wedding day, all the eyes would be on you, especially when you walk down the aisle. So make sure that you plan your hair, dress, makeup, veil and all the accessories carefully. To ensure that your walk down the aisle goes smoothly, you will have to practice it at least once before the big day. Here we have got a few tips that would help you to look elegant on your walk down the aisle.

Place the bouquet lower

Sometimes you may feel uncomfortable by having your flower bouquet a bit lower. But it would make your arms and upper body look better by having it lower. It would show your body slimmer in the photos, and the guests can see your wedding dress better. So to look better, make sure that you hold your flower bouquet lower.

Walk at a normal speed

Most of the brides get tense and walk quickly down the aisle due to their nervousness, and on the other hand, some of them walk too slowly. So you need to walk at an average speed to make it look natural. In case, if you have chosen a song while you walk, you will have to adjust your speed according to it.

Stay calm and look around

Avoiding contact with your guests would make you feel calm, but it would not create a natural look. If you walk on forward without any eye contact, it would feel awkward. So keep calm and look around the crowd who was always by your side till this special day. Sometimes you might get confident comforting gazes from the guests.

Be careful with your dress

Now, this is one of the common issues most brides face. Most of the brides do not have any experience of walking long gowns which are floor length. So here is the trick, while you keep your foot forward, your dress would move against your back of the leg. So in case if you wait till the hem of your gown rubs the ankle, you would never step on your gown. If you practice this trick, you will not step on your dress.

Keep smiling

Even though you are nervous, you shouldn’t let your face show it. It is one of the special days in your life, so make sure that you keep smiling and enjoy the walk down the aisle. All the guests present on the day is always there to support you and celebrate your special day. So show them that you are happy that they came to join you.