Valentine's Day: Why roses are the symbol of love and romance

Flowers have been used for a long time as symbols. Symbols of love, friendship, gratitude, condolences and good luck. Even today, flowers play an important role in expressing our feelings to another person. When human communication fail in the face of strong emotions, they can be effectively expressed by flowers. It is true – thee flowers pay a heavy price for our joy, our sadness and our love. But, it has been the way with flowers – to speak on our behalf when our words fail.

Different flowers have different meanings across the world. However, certain flowers have established their meanings with time. For instance, lily symbolizes magnificence and beauty. Daisy symbolizes innocence and purity. Chrysanthemum speaks for fidelity, optimism and long life while poppy symbolizes consolation.

Roses gifts  are generally accepted as a symbol of love. This is a misconception as roses do not always symbolize love. The colour of the rose affects the meaning and at we provide roses of all colours so that you can say whatever you want to say. Blood red or very dark roses convey unconscious beauty while white roses convey innocence, purity and reverence. Orange roses are for desire and enthusiasm while the red rose, as we all know, stands for desire and love. Yellow rose has two split meanings with sometimes a thin line between the two. It can both mean friendship and jealousy. You will have to figure out what it is!

Flowers usually make a lot of people happy, in their celebrations, surprises, sickness and even death – flowers play a vital role. There is only one downside of flowers and that is they die after a couple of days. We at infinity rose do not want your unspoken love or desire or friendship or condolences to die like that and that is why we have immortalized the flower for you. Since roses speak a variety of emotions in different colours, we offer  roses of all colours to adorn you at different mile stones in life. You can speak your heart with our range at infinity rose, and rest assured, these flowers will never die.