This coming Saturday, August 11th, the grooms and brides of the United States will be celebrating the fourth birthday of the country’s newest state, Rhode Island. Rhode Island has been creating beautiful wedding venues throughout the state for the past three decades, and the craftsmanship of this gorgeous venue reflects their industry. With this in mind, one local designer is doing a great job of telling the story of the late great Dr. Homer J. Pucket, the United States’ third president. He is a Rhode Island native who came to the United States when he was sixteen, and for the past fifty years he has worked as a medical doctor.

The focus of this year’s 30 year anniversary wedding is on the flowers and the environment. Pucket designed his first wedding to suit the design of the arbor at his grandmother’s house in Providence. It was the beginning of what would be an illustrious career in the industry.

The landscape of Providence, Rhode Island has long pronged into the minds of many designers. In 1872, one of the first weddings was held on this area of the city. It was a young bride, who became famous by leading the families on a quest for the perfect wedding venue.

The area that is now called New Providence was the site of a branch of the Prong Memorial Hospital for several decades. It was also where the state government decided to hold its first municipal election. When Pucket came along, he was one of the first to recognize the importance of the environment.

By working for the Prong Hospital for years, the doctors were continually learning about plants and flowers, which would later be utilized in the landscaping of the entire Providence cityscape. The environment that the residents of the city felt comfortable with helped to shape Pucket’s art and gave him the foundation for his future in the industry. The floral designs on the buildings and the grounds were reflective of the family friendly environment, he and his wife had grown up in.

There was no place in the city that did not have a garden and a flowerbed in the Prong Hospital grounds. Pucket’s work is constantly being influenced by the nature that surrounds it. He came to appreciate the beauty of the plant life around him.

After thirty years of working with the Prong Hospital, Pucket came to realize the importance of the environment in all walks of life. He noted that people wanted a place that was comfortable, beautiful, and clean. Pucket is now responsible for implementing this belief into the institutions he designs for, but he believes in helping all make the best decisions they can in their own lives.