Behind the “find people for free” sites are deception and scams

Avoid free people search Australia schemesWhen people search "free" in Australia for lost family members, loved ones and friends with "free" people search services, the majority end up emotionally drained and financially exhausted. "Low cost" and so-called free people finder services in Australia make promises they know they cannot keep. At best they yield irrelevant, outdated or incorrect information. At worst, you'll receive nothing in exchange for the personal information and money you hand over.

Despite what internet ads and websites would like you to believe, Australian public records aren't available online free anywhere. The truth is, accessing the information that locates people in Australia is a costly, complex process even for professionals.


  • Fact: There are no public information records available to find people for free in Australia, except Whitepages and the electoral roll.

The truth is: "Free people finder" websites utilize US databases useless to an Australian search. Despite what they claim, none of these services offer access to Australian Government records.


  • Fact: Australia has strict privacy laws that are getting even stricter.

The truth is: licensed people search professionals must jump through hoops and pay dearly to access reverse search directories and reliable people search databases.


  • Fact: Only experience and expertise will yield worthwhile results, the professionals can’t find people for free, how can a people search site supposedly free in Australia hope to.

The truth is: only experts trained in a variety of search techniques will successfully find people in Australia. It cannot be done by entering a name or other personal information on a "find people free" website that has ulterior motives.


  • Fact: People finding has grown into an enormous internet industry aimed at capturing sales and personal information.

The truth is: the majority of websites that offer "find people for free" searches are targeted internet marketing or affiliate websites that waste your valuable time and money. Most of them seek to sell you affiliate products, generate leads that may be sold, or expose you to Adsense or other forms of advertising.


  • Fact: Your best chance at finding someone in Australia depends on ignoring "free people search" myths.

The truth is: the free people search mantra "nothing is private" is a falsehood in Australia.


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Free People Search Australia: Learn the Facts Behind the Myths